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For twenty-two years, Sister Beatrice “Babs” Barry CSJ of THE INN of the GOOD SAMARITAN and staff have welcomed patients referred from the mountain villages of the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana. It functions as a hospital house of hospitality for the sick, guiding them through the maze of the Capital city, Santo Domingo, as they seek solutions for their medical problems. It provides three meals a day, housing, counseling, transportation to hospitals, security and diagnostic studies such as analysis, X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, sonograms, mammograms and echocardiograms.

Morelia, a thirteen year old who suffers from DYSTONIA

Also referring patients to THE INN, particularly those with cancer, is Father Rick Frechette CP, Physician and founder of the orphanage “Our Little Brothers and Sisters” and Saint Damien’s Hospital for children in Haiti. Lacking radiation therapy and chemo therapy medications in Port au Prince, these patients have found at THE INN a home away from home where they can be treated.

After Haiti’s devastating earthquake a communication and transportation system was quickly organized uniting relief efforts. The DR orphanage (a sister to the one in Haiti) sent a bus and trucks filled with requested supplies and medicines every other day to travel over land to St. Damien’s. They stopped at THE INN to pick up contributions before continuing to the border and their destination. On their return they carried patients who received hospitality and services at THE INN or went on to specialized hospitals.

Thanks to you, our donors, it was possible to turn St. Damien’s wish lists into realities. They were supplied with IV solutions, catheters, injection needles, sterile gowns for surgeons, anesthesia, analgesics, antibiotics, sedatives, suture materials and plaster for casts, pressed cotton, and crutches. Tents, liquid baby formula and a highly fortified peanut butter product, “Plumpy Nut” were just some of the things that were sent in your name.

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For more information contact Sister Beatrice "Babs" Barry Many thanks!

What's New in Our Dominican Republic Missions

 General Overview of the Dominican Republic Mission

El Cercado

The parish of St. Peter the Apostle in El Cercado where Msgr. John Cervini serves a large population. A pastoral team of eight administer the parish. This team is made up of Msgr. Cervini, native Dominican religious and four lay people. Hundreds of volunteers assist them to implement the ministerial plan of the parish in eighty communities.


Physical hunger and thirst devastate our people in the parish of San Pedro Apostol in the mountains of El Cercado. Spiritual hunger and thirst are there as well.  Seeing this first hand, Bishop McGann adopted this parish as a Diocesan Mission in 1979, in the name of all the people in the Rockville Centre Diocese. Through his support and that of many people in the diocese, the ministry has grown. People’s lives, there and here on Long Island, are being touched by Jesus in marvelous ways. In the mission, Christian base communities are increasing. Catechetical programs and youth groups multiply. New projects provide pure water, latrines and agricultural help, dramatically changing lives.


 Santo Domingo

The Inn of the Good Samaritan is a hospital hospitality house directed by Sister Babs Barry CSJ, located in Santo Domingo near to the major health facilities of the country, At the Inn, the sick and poor are received by Sister Babs and her staff and experience the healing compassionate love of Jesus. Referrals come from the twenty-eight parishes that comprise the diocese of San Juan.


The Inn of the Good Samaritan is a house much like a Ronald McDonald House. Here the poor from the mountain villages of the Dominican Republic find a home-away-from-home. They come to the capital city for medical treatment.

The Inn of the Good Samaritan staff provide:

  • Three meals a day
  • A bed with clean sheets
  • Proper sanitary facilities
  • Counseling
  • Transportation to and from hospitals
  • A family atmosphere
  • Security
  • Follow-ups
  • Hope

Since 1988, hundreds of patients and accompanying family members have been guests during their times of medical crises. At The Inn of the Good Samaritan, they experience the loving compassion of God.


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Evangelization and Mission Trips:

It has been brought to our office’s attention that various parishes are being solicited by families/organizations regarding the sale of religious crafts made in the Holy Land. Due to our inability to attest to the authenticity of these organizations we strongly advise pastors to be very cautious in their response.





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Map of the Dominican Republic


"Mission is a natural outreach of our lives as Christians; it is allowing ourselves to be transformed by God’s love and, in turn, helping to transform the world in which we live." 

 - Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States