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delyne Dodard

The Office of Multicultural Diversity consists of the Ministry to Catholics of African Ancestry and the Haitian-American Apostolate Ministry; therefore, allowing for both ministries to continue their separate missions as well as participate together in pursuit of the kingdom of God.

Biwo Miltikiltir l Div site a gen ladan-l, Minist katolik desandans Afriken an ansanm ak Apostola Ayisyen-Ameriken an; Ofis sa ap pmt pou tou de Minist yo kontinye misyon yo apa, epi tou lap ede yo patisipe ansanm nan dives travay pou ede nou rive nan peyi kote Bondye Wa a.

 Multicultural Office  Multicultural Office
M.C.A.A.  Advisory Liaison Committee

Augustine Ojo, Our Lady of Loretto, Hempstead
Margo Nelson, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Wyandanch
Marian Johnson, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Roosevelt
Lorna Phillips, St. Boniface, Elmont
Thea Callendar, St. Brigid, Westbury
Anne Brown, St. John of God, Central Islip
Ita Jackson, St. Ladislaus, Hempstead
Pat Edwards, St. Martha, Uniondale
Merlene Fray, Recording Secretary

H.A.A.M Advisory Liaison Committee

Edelyne Dodard, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Wyandanch
Joseph-Serge Lamy, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Wyandanch
Genevieve Boisrond, St. Anne, Brentwood
Marie Carmel Brutus, St. Anne, Brentwood
Meriame Lamothe, St. Anne, Brentwood
Ronide Justinvil, St. Anne, Brentwood
Danielle Alston, St. Boniface, Elmont
Fanette Pierre-Paul, St. Boniface, Elmont
Ginette Cantave, St. Francis, Greenlawn
Odney Boaz, St. Brigid, Westbury
Martine Louis XVI, St. Brigid, Westbury
Fritz Honore, St. Martha, Uniondale
Sylvio Jean, St. Martha, Uniondale