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FrAugustusServant of God Augustus Tolton, born April 1, 1854 and died July 9, 1897, was the first Roman Catholic priest in the United States publicly known to be African American when he was ordained in 1886.  To access information regarding the life of Fr. Tolton, please go to www.toltoncanonization.org

Fr. Augustus Tolton Society

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Fr. Augustus Tolton Society is to encourage our children, youth and young adults to grow in holiness by creatively using the gifts God has given them for the building up of the entire people of God.   They will study and present the lives of Black Saints and Black Catholic Men & Women whose contributions to the Catholic Church have enhanced and strengthened our faith.  By studying and presenting the lives of these holy Black Catholics, the members of the Fr. Augustus Tolton Society will walk in the footsteps of Christ Crucified and evangelize in the Spirit of the Risen Lord Jesus.  Their faith will be deepened, hope strengthened and love made everlasting by promoting awareness of the graced history of Black Catholics.  It is the hope of the Ministry to Catholics of African Ancestry that by participating in the process of evangelization the members of the Fr. Augustus Tolton Society can be:

  1. stimulated into belonging more deeply to the Catholic Church on Long Island,
  2. nourished and developed into the leaders of tomorrow.

It is also the hope of the Advisory Committee for the Office of Multicultural Diversity that the Fr. Augustus Tolton Society will help weave the treasure of Black Catholic History and culture into the fabric of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Darcel Whitten-Wilamowski, Coordinator
Office of Multicultural Diversity
Catholics of African Ancestry Haitian American Apostolate Ministry
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