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Mission Trip to St. Lucia

Adelphi Catholic Campus Ministry St. Lucia Mission Trip!

The Adelphi Catholic Campus Ministry group returned to the U.S. about two weeks ago from our profoundly successful mission trip to St. Lucia. All seventeen of us had some of the most remarkable and blessed experiences of our lives. We all gained so much from our experiences, which included feeding the poor in the streets, doing Mission Trip to St. Lucialocal service projects, visiting the elderly and the sick,  leading a youth group meeting, and sharing their own faith life testimonies with the local people of St. Lucia. The team grew into a family through these experiences in ways we had never expected. We received countless blessings, and we are working to keep these cherished experiences and lessons of love and faith in our lives at home. In the words of Erica Conde, Class of 2013 at Adelphi, “Little did I know that I would receive more than I ever hoped for--a stronger faith, everlasting friendships, and a passionate love for all of God's creations.”

Mission Trip to St. Lucia

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this trip possible. We cannot thank you enough for your generous donations, as well as all of your prayers and support. Because of your support, we were able take advantage of this opportunity! Every little bit counted and we felt every prayer working with us.  You helped make our mission that much more powerful and possible! In this way, you, too, are a missionary. If you have a chance, we would love for you to read some of our blog entries, which have been recently added to www.drvc.org/missionaryheart to find out more about the students individual experiences and to see pictures from the trip. 

As Sara Kulins, Class of 2015 at Adelphi, wrote so beautifully in her blog entry, “Everything we did on this mission trip was to serve God. I realized that we are His hands and feet; we are His tongue, spreading His words and His love. This mission trip was my first and definitely won’t be my last.” 

God Bless you & thank you again for your generosity and support!

Mission Trip to St. Lucia