Communications Office Shares Bulletin Ideas with Parish Bulletin Editors


The Office of Communications for the Diocese of Rockville Centre conducted an in-service Zoom meeting for bulletin editors.  This first ever meeting brought together those responsible for producing an important communication tool for the parish, the parish bulletin.

In the hour-long session, Sean Dolan spoke about the purpose of the parish bulletin, basics of bulletin design, and tips to consider for producing a more effective parish bulletin.

“It was great for the first time, to gather these communicators together virtually as a group to begin building relationships and sharing experiences and best practices in the challenges of producing a weekly parish bulletin,” said Sean P. Dolan, director of communications, Diocese of Rockville Centre.

“It’s important to let them know we are here to provide ideas and suggestions for helping them with the challenge of producing a weekly parish bulletin. In addition it’s great for them to know that there is an informal network of colleagues out there all doing the same thing and facing the same challenges each week.  Sean added, “we have already received positive feedback on the Zoom session and look forward to arranging the next meeting.”

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