Yesterday I made a mistake that was really, really dumb - the type of error that will definitely come back to haunt me and make me look foolish.  Those things hurt, mostly our pride, of course.  We don’t want to appear stupid in front of people, but it certainly happens. Thankfully, God can use everything in our life, even our embarrassing moments, as a lesson.

Fr. Solanus Casey had a similar view - he said:  God often permits us to make temporal blunders in order to foster humility in our souls, so that in the sight of heaven we may be more amiable.”  And that is so true – it is easy to let our pride get the best of us, so a good blunder once in a while evens out the playing field again.  It helps us to remember that none of us is infallible when we recall our own failures; and it is much easier to be gentle on our co-workers, friends, and family members when they make mistakes. 

Fr. Solanus understood that our mistakes in this life can help us in the next, by keeping us humble and not allowing us to look down on others.  The next time you make a big blunder, smile to yourself, raise your eyes to Heaven, and thank God...

Ven. Solanus Casey, pray for us!