"God, who loves tiny beginnings, will know as He always does know, how and when to provide development." (Ven. Solanus Casey)

Few things visible to the naked eye are tinier than a mustard seed, and we all know what happens when that seed takes root and grows.  From small beginnings come bounteous endings if we have faith.  When we think of the life of Christ we must agree with Fr. Solanus:  for a tiny baby grasping for its mother grew to reach out to the whole world in love.

Why do we doubt, then, our own tiny beginnings?  Why don’t we believe that God will work through them?  When we need to “put love where love doesn’t exist”, but cry to God – no, I can’t! – we should remember that God can take our meager efforts and bring forth abundance.  Just as He multiplied the fishes and loaves to feed thousands, so He can multiply our attempts at love, goodness and mercy.

Today, make that attempt at forgiving, at loving.  God will provide the rest.

Ven. Solanus Casey, pray for us!