“We are continually immersed in God’s merciful grace like the air that permeates us.”  Such a beautiful thought of Fr. Solanus’, that we are completely immersed in grace.  And yet, grace is an obscure thought to some – what is really meant by it?

Perhaps part of grace is simply living in the continual knowledge that God is a constant presence in our lives.  Jerry Bridges, the author of “The Discipline of Grace”, wrote:  “Your day is never so bad that it is out of the reach of God’s grace; your day is never so good that you are not in the need of God’s grace.”  In other words, we should rely on God for everything!  A story is told about Fr. Solanus being in the soup kitchen one day when they ran out of food.  In his simple way he spoke:  “Just wait and God will provide.”  He said an “Our Father” with the men, and within moments someone from the local bakery was knocking on the soup kitchen door with a full basket of bread.

Coincidence?  Or Grace?  I believe that because Fr. Solanus Casey lived his life in the presence of God, he asked and his Father heard him.  That’s being immersed in grace.  He didn’t pray to test God; he simply believed Him.  May we all come to own that humble faith.

Ven. Solanus Casey, pray for us!