footprints.jpgSt. Josemaria Escrivá was 15 years old when he saw footprints left in the snow by a barefoot Carmelite, and he began to wonder how people were able to sacrifice so much for God.  Little by little he asked God to show him if there were sacrifices he should make:  "I began to have intimations of Love, to realize that my heart was asking for something great, and that it was love. I didn’t know what God wanted of me, but it was evident that I had been chosen for something.”   This discovery eventually led him to be ordained a priest, and from there he founded Opus Dei, "The Work of God". 

His life's belief was that everyone was called to Sainthood, to holiness, and that this could be achieved no matter what one's position or vocation in life.   One biographer describes the Work:  "Saints in the world. A tailor saint, a baker saint, an office saint, a factory worker saint. A saint, seemingly like everyone else around him, but deeply identified with Jesus Christ. A person who directs all his activity to God, who sanctifies his work, who sanctifies himself in his work and sanctifies others through it. A person who Christianizes his surroundings, who with warm simple friendships also helps his neighbor to come closer to Jesus — someone whose Christian faith is contagious." (

This month, let us open our hearts to that "something" that God has chosen for each one of us: our own path to holiness in the world.  Let us ask Josemaria Escrivá to be our guide in the joyous task of becoming so identified with Jesus Christ that others see Him whether we are at work, play or rest.

St. Josemaria Escrivá, pray for us!