Love Letters to My Husband


This looks like an amazing book which gives us some insight into the marriage of Gianna Beretta and her husband, Pietro Molla. 

You may want to take an opportunity this month to read something written by a Saint, and this could be a wonderful option.

I don't think that we often turn to Saints for relationship advice... but why not???

In the description about the book: "During their brief engagement and marriage, Gianna and Pietro's professional lives, family and parenthood were tightly wound together by a tremendous trust -- in each other and in God. Touching, inspiring and refreshingly human, Blessed Gianna's letters reveal the ordinary longings of a modern day saint."

Lord, how often are You forgotten in our relationships with others? Help to remind us that You are so strongly present in ALL of our relationships, and especially in the sacrament of marriage. Constantly help us to see You in everyone  who is a part of our lives, no matter how briefly. Give us an unwavering TRUST IN YOU, LORD, despite what is happening in our lives. Help us to hold onto that trust in You regarding our familes and all our relationships, since You are present to us through them.


St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us!