It is fitting that we end this month with a prayer recited by Dr. Gianna Emanuela Molla, the daughter St. Gianna gave her life for:

St-Gianna-Beretta-Molla.jpgGod, you who are Father, we give you praise and we bless you, because in Gianna Beretta Molla you have given and have made known a woman who witnessed the Gospel as a young person, as a bride, as a mother and a doctor. We thank you because through the gift of her life we learn to accept and honor every human being. You, Lord Jesus, were for her privileged reference; she was able to know you in the beauty of nature. As she questioned her choice of life she was in search of you and of the best way to serve you. Through her married love she became a sign of your love for the Church and for humanity; like you, Good Samaritan, she stopped at the side of every sick person, small and weak; after your example and for love, she gave herself entirely, generating new life. Holy Spirit, font of every perfection, give also to us wisdom, intelligence and courage after the example of St. Gianna, and through her intercession and example in her personal, family, and professional life, may we be able to put ourselves at the service of every person and grow in this way in love and in holiness. Amen.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, please continue to pray for us!