DATE:   January 21, 2012
RE:  Statement on Catholic School Rally 
FROM: Sean P. Dolan

The Bishop and his colleagues who share responsibility for Catholic schools look on today’s vigil with understanding and deep respect for the people who gather in front of the Cathedral to express their feelings and their concern for their children.  We share the same commitment.

In that spirit of solidarity, the Diocese has been providing opportunities in each of the six schools for parents to learn about nearby Catholic schools that are accepting children whose parents want them to continue in a good Catholic school.  There is a space for every one of these children in one or more of the 43 Catholic elementary schools, all of whom offer the same quality Catholic education children and parents have found in their school that will close in June of this year.

The Bishop and Superintendant of Schools have co-written a column in this week’s The Long Island Catholic newspaper that reiterates what the purpose and the goal of these difficult decisions represent.  We are grateful for the parents whose love of their children and desire for a Catholic education for those children are so concerned and so desirous for the best for their children.  We also are deeply grateful to the principals and teachers, the pastors and the school boards, who have collaborated with the diocese and with one another in this time of transition.  We all feel the pain but especially we must be attentive to the feelings of the children whose teachers are doing an extraordinary task of personally helping each child through this transition.

The Bishop remains committed to his decisions about these six schools based on the recommendations from the Strategic Planning Committee whose 18 month analysis of the Catholic elementary schools is a valid, objective and fundamentally sound expression of how the Church will go forward to strengthen Catholic elementary school education across the Diocese for the future.

He asks that all those committed to the children and to Catholic education join together in prayer and mutual collaboration so that these valuable goals can be met in a spirit of mutual trust and Christian love and understanding and we might all belong more deeply to the Lord and to one another.


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