New COO Embarks on New Efficiency and Strategic Planning Initiatives Leading to Growth for the Future


ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. – 29 July 2009 – Demand for the spiritual and pastoral services of the Roman Catholic Church on Long Island is growing.  To expand diocesan capabilities and services to the 133 parishes and to minister more effectively to the nearly 1.5 million Catholics on Long Island and the broader community, the Church is embarking on a new way forward.  Strategic planning, implementation of new operating principles, and development of innovative means to communicate and engage parishioners and the community are some of the many initiatives being addressed. 

Rev. Msgr. Bishop Murphy and Charles Trunz IIICharles M. Trunz, III, the diocese’s new chief operating officer communicated these priorities during a recent town-hall style meeting of pastoral center employees.

“Charles will help us focus on all the things the pastoral center does in terms of making this Church work and work right,” said Bishop William Murphy during his introduction.  “We have a tendency to take on more and more work ourselves and when we do that, we can kind of get ourselves off balance,” said Bishop Murphy.  Trunz will “be able to give us a new vision and help us to move forward in ways that I think are really exciting.”

“The people of Long Island are increasingly served by the Church,” said Trunz.  “We have to be strategically prepared to look to the future to continue to provide pastoral, religious and social services to more people.” 

“Changes in population demographics, family incomes, the need for additional ministries and services, increasing healthcare demands, different methods in providing education to our children and the prevalence of the internet, as learning and communication tools, require new thinking and planning as the Catholic Church continues to serve Long Island,” said Trunz.

“Change is inevitable and the Catholic Church is challenged to continually prioritize resources and seek ways to continue to grow and better serve our communities,” said Trunz.  “We’re not just managing the Catholic Church today, we’re thinking about ‘how to plan for the year 2015 and beyond.’  We’re laying the foundation for our children and grandchildren about how the Church is going to serve the community and its parishioners.”

“We must find new ways of engaging parishioners and welcoming them as a vital part of the Catholic Church family.  Individual stewardship is key to being a part of the Church family.”

Priorities will be directed to several key initiatives including:

1. Developing a multi-year strategic analysis of Church services and programs that will meet Long Island’s changing demographics and needs.  To this end there will be a reprioritization of financial resources, in addition to new investments in the Church’s parishes, schools and services.

2. Implementation of new operating principles, processes and standards across the parishes and schools which will serve to reduce expenses, and create operating surplus needed for investment in the Church’s missions.

3. The development of new and innovative means to communicate with and engage parishioners and communities.

4. Accelerate the growth of many social services, programs and stewardship ministries necessary to meet the growing demands of Long Island.

5. Implementing employee professional development and training.

“Through these actions, we will continue to build upon a renewed trust, responsibility and accountability of the Catholic Church with the Long Island community it serves” he added.

During the meeting, Trunz noted the importance of each of the approximately 6,000 employees in parishes across the diocese as well as the pastoral center.  “Every one of us is truly an integral part of the Church on Long Island,” said Trunz. 

About The Diocese of Rockville Centre
The Diocese of Rockville Centre ( was formed in 1957 and covers 1,198 square miles in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  The diocese serves approximately 1.5 million Catholics (total population in both counties is approximately 3.4 million).  There are 133 parishes in 115 towns.  Last year over 17,000 baptisms, 19,000 confirmations, 17,000 first communions and 3,000 marriages took place in the diocese.  There are approximately 20,000 students in Catholic elementary schools; 13,000 in secondary schools and 3,500 in higher institutions.  There are 69 Catholic elementary and high schools and one Catholic college in the diocese.  Catholic Health Services of Long Island consists of five hospitals, three nursing homes, a community-based home for those with special needs and a hospice.  Last year, Catholic Charities assisted more than 88,000 individuals who are poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged on Long Island.  (12/08).


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