Another quick query for our Saint of the month:

St. Anthony, we know that you wanted to follow in the footsteps of those Franciscan martyrs and travel to Morocco to reach others with the Gospel, and yet it seems God had other plans for you.  You got very sick and had to return home, only to be forced by a storm onto the shores of Sicily.  How were you able to resign yourself to God’s will?

“It is not a matter of resigning oneself; it must be more than mere resignation.  Our goal must be to fully embrace the will of God, no matter what our circumstances.  How many of us rebel against God’s will when it comes to us in a manner which we were neither expecting nor seeking?  Sometimes we think we have our lives all planned out, including the way in which we are to serve Him.  When our plans go awry, as mine did, we can become depressed or angry.  But God knows what is best for us, and it is up to us to accept what comes our way and to seek His will in all situations in our lives. 

“To embrace means to hug, to hold, to grasp fully.  In effect it means bringing something close to our heart.  So that is what we must do with God’s will – hold it close to our heart.  Remember Romans 8:28:  All things work for good to those who love the Lord.’  St. Paul doesn’t tell us, ‘some things’, he says ‘all things’!  Even in the most difficult situations in our lives, we should press God’s will close to our hearts – that is, after all, where He resides.”

St. Anthony, pray for us!