Anthony of Padua was known to be a great discerner of the truth. He was once asked to do a funeral for a rather wealthy man who was well-respected in his circle of friends. Because of his gift of discernment, St. Anthony was aware of the true state of the man’s soul and preached on the Gospel verse: "Where your heart is there shall your treasure be also" (Matthew 6:21). He then told the man’s admirers to search the rich man’s vault, and his still warm heart was literally found among the amassed wealth!

A bit gory, perhaps, but a powerful lesson. Where are our hearts? What is it we are most attached to: is it other people’s admiration and respect? Is it power or authority? Is it self-advancement or material possessions? Our hearts were created for one thing: LOVE, and especially the love of God. When we focus our hearts on anything else we fall short of the potential for beauty and grace that God planted within us. So... where will St. Anthony find your heart today?

St. Anthony, pray for us!