When St. Anthony was asked to preach at the ordination of Dominican and Franciscan friars, he deferred to the other priests at first, but was ordered to speak under his vow of obedience.  It was in obeying that St. Anthony’s gifts were not only unearthed, but shone in all their brilliance. 

 Obedience is a difficult virtue to acquire, as it takes great humility.  But God puts in all of our lives those whom we need to be obedient to, even if we sometimes may question His judgment!  And, as with most things of God, He will ask us to be obedient in small things before He trusts us with more.  I am certain that St. Anthony listened to his superiors when he was asked to prepare a certain meal, do small tasks around the friary, etc.  Then God knew his heart was ready to accept a greater challenge which led to the discovery of his greater gifts.

To obey is better than to sacrifice”, Scripture tells us (1 Samuel 15:22).  Today, let us be obedient to God in everything, both great and small.

St. Anthony, pray for us!