Milliken Contract

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Since our founding in 1865, we’ve believed creativity means more than good design. It means making good use of resources finding unexpected ways to solve a problem faster, smarter and greener than ever.

Our global manufacturing is certified carbon negative and our carpet products are certified carbon neutral.




More than just beautiful carpet.

  • DRVC aggressive pricing qualifies for reduced savings between 40-70%
  • See our newest products on-line
  • Lifetime Warranties includingStaining/Soiling
    • Face Fiber Wear
    • Moisture Barrier
    • Antimicrobial Properties
    • Performance Warranties
  • Many options that are PVC free
  • NSF140 Certified Products
  • No Adhesives
  • Carbon Neutral Products
  • Maximum LEED Credit
  • Smart Certified
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified

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