Welcome to the Public Policy page of the Diocese of Rockville Centre!  The work of public policy is the work of the Gospel as the Church seeks to advocate for the most poor and vulnerable among us.

In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis writes, “In her dialogue with the State and with society, the Church does not have solutions for every particular issue. Together with the various sectors of society, she supports those program which best responds to the dignity of each person and the common good. In doing this, she proposes in a clear way the fundamental values of human life and convictions which can then find expression in political activity” (241).

The Church seeks that dialogue with the State – on the local, New York State, national and international levels.   This web page has been created for you as a means to enter into that dialogue.  Take time to visit the page to learn the Church’s teaching about important issues, ways you can effectively work with legislative leaders and strategies to engage those in local and parish community.

This webpage is maintained by the Diocesan Public Policy Advisory Committee. 

As Catholics, we are called to love our neighbor. Our response to those in need can take the form of direct assistance: food, clothing, housing, or provision of appropriate counseling and treatment services. But we are also called to address underlying issues which prevent people from achieving their full potential.

Catholic Social Teaching
Faithful Citizenship