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Statement concerning August 20, 2009 Newsday article on health care reform entitled “Support from LI Clergy”

Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre and chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development has never announced support for one particular version of health care reform legislation.  To suggest otherwise is false.
Rather, Bishop Murphy as chair of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development in his July 17, 2009 letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, outlined policy priorities and expressed hope that Congressional committees will bring genuine life-affirming reform to the nation’s health care system. 
As stated in Bishop Murphy’s letter, the Catholic Bishops for decades have advocated for comprehensive health care reform that “leads to health care for all, including the weakest and most vulnerable.”  His letter spells out that any reform needs to involve:

  1. a truly universal health policy with respect for human lift and dignity;
  2. access for all with a special concern for the poor and inclusion of legal immigrants;
  3. pursuing the common good and preserving pluralism including freedom of conscience and variety of options; and
  4. restraining costs and applying them equitably across the spectrum of payers.


Further in the letter, Bishop Murphy says, “The Catholic bishops renew our appeal to provide equity for legal immigrants in access to health care. . . Immigrants pay the same taxes as citizens and their health needs cannot be ignored.  Leaving them outside a reformed system is both unfair and unwise.”
To understand the US Bishop’s position on Health Care Reform legislation, go to www.usccb.org/healthcare/


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