Diocese of Rockville Centre

March 9, 2009

This is another example of this administration's negative attitude to human life.  Why is Mr. Obama pushing one arcane kind of research that involves destruction of human life when there are available several other ways that do not involve destruction of human embryos?  There can be only be two reasons:  he is ideologically indifferent or hostile to human life or it is a matter of misspent economics; so much money has been set aside for this that there are groups wanting to do embryonic research for the sake of the money. 

The Church is enthusiastically in favor of stem cell research.  It is opposed ONLY to embryonic stem cell research because the stem cells are garnered from embryos produced in a laboratory that then are destroyed.  Every embryo is a human living organism with a complete chromosomal make up, as the rest of us.

There has never been one cure that is the result of embryonic stem cell research, not one.  There have been any number of breakthroughs using adult stem cells.  Recently, scientists have shown how easy it is to garner pluripotent stem cells even from skin grafts.   President Obama says he wants a return to "sound science" but all he is doing is supporting misspent money that is wasteful economics. 


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