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Date:           March 11, 2011

West Islip, NY – Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is an integral part of the community as both a premier health care provider and a major economic engine.  Alex Chapman, breast cancer survivor, can attest to that; she was diagnosed and treated at Good Samaritan 18 years ago.  Five years later, her sister-in-law, Pam Diorio was also diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.  Today, both woman are survivors and thankful that they were able to be treated close to home.  They and their families continue to rely on Good Samaritan for their health care needs.

There are scores of similar stories that illustrate Good Samaritan’s role as an important partner in the community.  Families like the Chapmans and Diorios who not only share family ties but also have similar health care issues, and whose lives have been touched, illustrates how the hospital has had a positive economic impact on the community. 

“In addition to being a not-for-profit provider of health care services to the greater community, Good Samaritan is also an indispensable part of the community’s financial and social structure.  The hospital is recognized for providing excellent and compassionate care, but what might not be as well known is the significant positive economic impact Good Samaritan has as a major employer in the community,” said James Caldas President and CEO.

Good Samaritan is one of the largest employers in the region, providing the highest quality care possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This care is delivered by doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians, medical residents and other students of medicine, such as nursing, allied health professionals and support staff who provide a clean and safe environment, maintain sophisticated equipment and computer systems, ensure that buildings function properly and provide leadership, focusing on the effective and efficient use of resources.

Hospital employees use their wages to purchase goods and services, thus creating income and jobs for other businesses.  Dollars earned by the more than 4,500 Good Samaritan Hospital employees and spent on groceries, clothing, mortgage payments, rent and other expenses generate approximately $583,337,000 in economic activity for the local economy, according to the most recent data available.  The medical center itself spends about $138,695,000 per year on the goods and services it needs to provide health care—for example, medical supplies, electricity and food products.  Funds spent to buy goods and services flow from the hospital to vendors and businesses and then ripple throughout the economy.  Dollars spent by Good Samaritan generate approximately $280,955,000 for the local economy. 

Good Samaritan contributes more than $25 million in state and local taxes annually.  The not-for-profit status means that Good Samaritan is a charitable organization fulfilling a community-based mission.  It also means that Good Samaritan reinvests “earnings” into the community in the form of new services, technology and facilities to ensure that those served have access to the best health care.  Good Samaritan provides more than $49 million, five percent of the medical center’s annual budget, to uncompensated and charity care each year.

Good Samaritan relies on community support from patients, residents, elected officials, donors, employees, physicians, volunteers, and partners with the community to offer the best possible care.  The hospital recognizes the importance of being a good neighbor and will continue to work together with the community to remain strong, vital and thriving.

For more information on programs and services at Good Samaritan, please call (631) 376-4444.


Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is a 537-bed (including 100 nursing home beds), voluntary, not-for-profit hospital located in West Islip.  The medical center, which has more than 4,500 employees and almost 900 physicians on staff, had nearly 30,000 patient admissions and more than 95,000 emergency department visits in 2010.  Good Samaritan is a member of Catholic Health Services of Long Island. Visit the website at www.good-samaritan-hospital.org.

Good Samaritan provides more than $49 million in community service and charity care each year.  The medical center supplies residents with the tools necessary to maintain good health.  This includes community lectures, screenings, health fairs and other community programs and services.