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Smithtown, N.Y. - Anne Green, MD, June Lee, M.D., and Diana Yoon-Schwartz, MD, PhD, are a dynamic trio providing advanced breast care at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center’s new Women’s Health and Outpatient Diagnostic Pavilion.

Women have special needs when it comes to health care, and from the time of diagnosis through treatment, patients can be overwhelmed. St. Catherine is dedicated to offering advanced comprehensive and compassionate health care services in a private setting.

From the moment women drive to the hospital’s convenient Smithtown setting and park in its free, dedicated lot, they experience the ultimate in customer service as they enter the beautifully-appointed center through a private entrance.

With advanced imaging and biopsy techniques, Anne Green, MD, Director of Breast Imaging, supervises the first part of breast care: diagnosis. In fact, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center was recently the first hospital on Long Island to earn the American College of Radiology’s gold standard of quality certification in MRI of the breast. Dr. Green commented, “Diagnostic excellence is key, because early detection of breast cancer leads to early treatment and improved survival.”

Through Dr. June Lee and Dr. Diana Yoon-Schwartz, the pavilion also offers advanced surgical techniques, including the DIEP breast reconstruction procedure.

When mastectomy is part of a patient’s treatment plan, women may consider immediate breast reconstruction. Because losing a breast is an emotionally and physically traumatic experience, St. Catherine’s plastic-micro surgeons are performing microsurgical techniques that rebuild a lost breast at the time of a mastectomy.  Although there are many breast reconstruction procedures available, the pavilion offers the new DIEP surgical flap breast reconstruction procedure. DIEP stands for deep inferior epigastric perforator, which is the name of the main blood vessel that runs through the tissue, used to reconstruct the breast. In DIEP flap reconstruction, only skin, fat and blood vessels are removed from the lower belly (the abdomen between the waist and hips). No muscle is removed, which decreases post-surgical pain and expedites recovery.

The first stage is performed by oncoplastic breast surgeon Dr. June Lee, who performs a skin-sparing mastectomy: a breast-conserving, soft-tissue surgery. This advanced technique is used to treat breast cancer with less scarring than a traditional mastectomy and involves removing cancerous tissue through a small incision.

The second stage of the surgery is completed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Diana Yoon-Schwartz. With more than 10 years experience with this complex surgical technique, she provides unparalleled expertise. Similar to other breast reconstruction procedures, the DIEP flap uses tissues harvested from the patient’s abdomen. The abdominal skin, fat and deep inferior epigastric vessels that supply necessary blood are removed and replanted to achieve the look of a natural breast. The abdominal wall tissue is characteristically similar to breast tissue, enhancing the aesthetic outcome.

“When a patient hears the diagnosis of breast cancer, it can be devastating, but our job is to counsel them and let each patient know that they have options, that they have hope, like the DIEP procedure,” said Dr.Yoon- Schwartz. “The DIEP procedure offers breast cancer patients an immediate option for reconstruction, which can greatly improve their quality of life later.”

St. Catherine’s surgeons are committed to tailored care for each patient. “Other hospitals treat patients as if they are a revolving door, while we are dedicated to “boutique-style” treatment,” commented Dr. Lee. “We are with them through every step of the process.”

For more information on St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center breast services, please call 631-870-3444.


For more than 10 years, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center has been a trusted health care resource. St. Catherine’s is located on 110 acres on the north shore of Long Island in Smithtown. The campus is comprised of a 558-bed, not-for-profit hospital (including 240 nursing home beds), a
298-unit senior housing facility and a medical office building. St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center is a member of Catholic Health Services of Long Island.

St. Catherine of Siena provides approximately $10 million in community outreach and charity care each year. The Medical Center’s community activities include a variety of lectures, screenings, health fairs, blood drives and other programs.