Diocese of Rockville Centre

Bishop Murphy said the following in response to an article in the 2/21/12 edition of The Stony Brook Press entitled ‘Changes to Stony Brook’s Academic Calendar Inevitable’. The article reports proposed changes to the academic calendar that would include (1) holding classes on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur; (2) scheduling final exams on Saturday and Sunday mornings; and (3) having Spring break fall after the seventh week of class in the semester rather than during the time of Holy Week, Easter and Passover.

 “Assuming the article is accurate, the proposed changes are misguided and overtly hostile to a targeted group: the Judeo-Christian tradition and all those members of the administration, faculty, staff and student body who are proud to be part of this tradition.

 “Very simply, the changes, if adopted, will force these persons to choose between practice of their faith and taking examinations, attending/teaching classes or partaking in the other campus duties, responsibilities and activities. Sadly, the University would be sacrificing the long-recognized and long-standing freedom of Christians and Jews to practice their religion without fear of negative consequences, and all for the sake of efficiency, logic and a specious inclusiveness.

 “I hope that, as these changes are considered, and before they are finalized, the University recognizes that it should work to discern better methods for achieving respect for all than by so callously disrespecting Christians and Jews.”



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