Diocese of Rockville Centre

We close this month’s short meditations on St. Anthony of Padua with a quote from him which I think sums up nicely the approach to this blog:  "I ask that if you find anything edifying, anything consoling, anything well-presented, that you give all praise, all glory and all honor to the Blessed Son of God, Jesus Christ.  If on the other hand, you find anything that is ill-composed, uninteresting or not very well explained, you impute and attribute it to my weakness, blindness, and lack of skill."

In all that we do we are asked to give glory to God.  In reading the lives of the Saints and attempting to understand their spirituality, we mean to do just that.  May God bless this little space on the Internet, and may His Wisdom, Love and Grace pour forth from its pages into our hearts…

St. Anthony, please continue to pray for us!  AMEN!