Diocese of Rockville Centre

Have you ever felt completely at peace?  I had a moment like that yesterday, away with some girlfriends:  sitting alone on the shore, the laughter of my friends warming me from behind, the sun warming my face.  I "felt" totally peaceful, and thanked God for the love that surrounded my life. 

But I know that feelings come and go, and that the smallest incident can often change our mood.  I thought of St. Anthony of Padua and wondered what he would do at that moment of tranquility.  And so I prayed that St. Anthony, our finder of things lost, would help me preserve that love of God when things weren't so peaceful:  when I was stressed or hurt or angry or just in a crummy mood.  When people misunderstood me, or I misunderstood them.  When I am too hot, too cold, too tired, too lonely, too depressed.  When I don't understand God's actions in my life, and especially when I think I do and am wrong!

Heavenly Father, help us to thank and believe you in all the situations of our lives, not just the beautiful ones.  Forgive our dependence on our feelings - remind us that you love us no matter what our emotions may say.

St. Anthony, pray for us!