Diocese of Rockville Centre

When St. Anthony first arrived in Italy, he was assigned to work in the kitchen of the monastery, doing menial tasks because of his poor health.  He accepted these duties joyfully, content that if he had this time to himself he could spend much of it in prayer.

When are our best times to pray?  We all have our own rhythms, and if you think about it, those rhythms were given to us by God.  Some people are at their best in the mornings, others later in the day.  Shouldn't prayer be part of the rhythm of our lives?  Our prayer can be a set ritual when we start and end our day, or, as St. Anthony's was, speaking his heart to God spontaneously while cutting vegetables for the friars' supper.  The ebb and flow of our lives should be a constant interaction with our Creator, with a God who loves us and loves to listen to us.  Today and every day, allow God to keep His finger on the pulse of your life - prayer is the way!

St. Anthony, prayer for us!