Diocese of Rockville Centre

Let's grab our coffee cups and return to our imaginary conversation:

St. Anthony, today we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart; what does that mean to you?

"Now of course you realize that St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, who had the vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, lived several centuries after me.  But we have a rather lively friendship now, although she is a tea drinker!

"Our hearts are thought to be the center of our emotions, our love, and in a sense the core of our very being.  When we feel 'heartache' we actually feel a pain, a heaviness in our chest.  For Christ to expose His heart to us is to make himself once again vulnerable, as He did on the Cross.  St. Margaret Mary understood that vulnerability and wanted to make others aware of how much God loves us all.  What an incredible devotion!  And to imagine that God loves each of us so much!

"Do you remember St. Paul's famous discourse on Love in 1 Corinthians 13?  We hear it all the time at weddings: 'Love is patient, love is kind...Well the line I ponder the most is, 'Love never fails.'  Imagine that:  love NEVER fails!!  God's love can NEVER fail us, is never far from us, will never leave us.  And the Sacred Heart is a beautiful way to remember that.  Christ bared His heart for us; will we do the same for Him?"

St. Anthony, pray for us!