Diocese of Rockville Centre

Tomorrow, 14937-st-anthony-of-padua-with-christ-chi-antonio-de-pereda.jpgSunday, June 13th, is our beloved Saint Anthony's feast day.  Usually a feast day is celebrated on the day of the Saint's death, considered the day of their entrance into Heaven.  Legend holds that when St. Anthony of Padua died, angels rang all the church bells.  A beautiful way to celebrate this Saint is to get a small bell - try to find a bell if you don't have one, perhaps at a thrift shop or garage sale - and keep it as a prayerful reminder.  Then make a point to do a charitable deed in St. Anthony's name tomorrow. 

A feast day gives us a chance to honor a Saint by entering into their spirituality and giving glory to God.  In St. Anthony's case, that would be the Franciscan spirituality of humility, poverty, and ongoing conversion, combined with the strong bond of brotherhood.  It all, of course, points back to our Lord!  Let us honor this Saint with a prayer that all of our actions may show others the way to Jesus Christ...

St. Anthony, pray for us!