Diocese of Rockville Centre

"Home is not a building. It is a relationship of love. Our spiritual life is so enriched when we have a family, when we belong to someone who will always be here for us- in the good times and the bad. Jesus uses the image of the home to exemplify what He meant by heaven and being home with God...Family life is the firsthand most authentic Eucharist a child ever experiences. The more "Eucharistic" home life is, the more a child is able to relate what happens in church on Sunday."

This beautiful quote from Msgr. Francis X. Gaeta describes perfectly the home life of St. Gianna, both the home she was raised in and the home she created with her husband, Pietro. Here the family looked to God for the fulfillment of all their dreams, hopes and desires. They brought to Him their joys and their sorrows, laying it all at His feet.

This picture is the epitome of the Christian home, where children are raised to put God first, to trust in Him, to share what they have and to strive to make the world a better place by working for peace and justice. It is this path which Gianna traveled to Sainthood, learning as a child and then instilling in her own children a love for God which colored their every action and choice. It is this path which brought her finally to rest in the arms of her Savior.

How do we raise our children; what do we teach him by our actions as well as our words? Do we live a Eucharistic family life, gathering our children around the table in thanksgiving for what God has blessed them with? Today, let us begin, with small steps, to bring our families back to God.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for us!


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