Diocese of Rockville Centre

Although he was a powerful speaker, it is said that St. Anthony preached to the fish because the people weren’t listening to him.  We can imagine his discouragement when he walked down to the river to give his homily!  The creatures of the sea, it seemed, had more sense than the men of his time as they rose out of the water to catch his every word. 

Often we get discouraged because of our own faults or what we perceive to be our failures and only see what we can’t seem to accomplish.  It's only natural to feel dissatisfied with ourselves if we don't see results.  But God works in the supernatural, and can use everything, even our lack of success, for good.  He only asks that we continue to go forward and not be disheartened.  Who knows what miracles God has in store for us?  When we think we are failing, when we can’t see the good we are achieving, we simply need to offer our efforts up to Christ.    Remember St. Anthony evangelizing the fish, and trust God with the outcome…

St. Anthony, pray for us!