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NFCYM - Webinar - "Bullying"NFCYM

Webinar - "Bullying"

August 22, 2017 2pm-3pm

Confronting the Bullying EpidemicPresented by Roy Petitfils

Bullying is known to be a significant cause of stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide in young people. In this webinar, Roy will discuss what bullying is and isn't, the most prevalent forms of bullying, psychology of the aggressor and the victim, differences in male and female bullying and practical suggestions for ministry leaders to address bullying. 

Roy Petitfils holds a master of science in counseling and studied ministry and spirituality for five years. He served in schools as a teacher, campus minister, counselor, and administrator. He is currently a therapist at a Catholic counseling center, specializing in working with teens, young adults and couples. Roy has written several books including his upcoming What Teens Want You to Know (but Don't Tell You). Roy annually conducts retreats, workshops, and parish missions. He hosts the popular podcast "Today's Teenager," where he helps adults understand, reach, and influence today's teens. Roy lives with his wife, Mindi, and two sons in Youngsville, Louisiana. To Register


All Youth Ministers, Volunteers and Core Members are Invited and Encouraged to Attend the Empower Youth Ministry Training, sponsored by Life Teen

Empower Training
Saturday, September 9, 2017
St. Agnes Parish Center
29 Quealy Place, Rockville Centre
8:30-4:00 pm

Mass will be celebrated at 11:15 in St. Agnes Cathedral with Bishop John O. Barres

Why Attend an Empower Training?
Because we all want ministries that THRIVE and lead teens closer to Christ! From relational ministry to understanding teen culture and development to tackling the tough topics, Empower helps to equip youth ministers and core members with the tools and techniques that their ministry needs to empower our teens to be strong witnesses to their faith! empower schedule

Training Topics
Understanding Teenage Development & Culture
Relational Ministry
Keys to Core Member Success
Centrality of the Liturgy
Growing & Pruning Your Ministry

Registration Information Pricing

$60/per//$50 early bird (register by August 25th)
For every 10 people you register, you receive 1 free registration!
Priests attend for free!

This training is for adults only. Teens will not be admitted.

Walk-in Registrations
Reserve space for your group by registering ahead of time! Walk-in registrations will be accepted at the door the day of the Empower if space is still available. If you register at the door, please be prepared to fill out a participant form and submit payment for $60/person via cash, check or credit card.

All registrants must fill out the participant agreement form 

Register Now!


The Office of Youth Ministry is offering 6 sessions on Apologetics beginning on September 5.  Please take this opportunity to help you answer the "tough" questions that often come your way as a youth minister. I know it may not be possible to attend all 6 sessions, but know that you are welcome to attend as many as you can.  Please see the flyer below for more details ... to register


"The Poor have much to teach you .... You have much to learn from them. ... St. Vincent de Paul

midnight run

Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit.

Pope Francis

This past year, the young people from our parish youth groups, high schools, college and young adult groups, took Pope Francis words to heart and participated in 28 Midnight Runs. What is a Midnight Run? It's the opportunity to allow the Christ that each of us holds inside to meet the Christ in another. By serving the poor, we become one with them as Jesus did. Through these Jesus Runs groups bring food, clothing, conversation and hope to those who are materially poor. These Jesus runs help us to bring the Church out to the streets as we embrace those whose only experience of Church may be through the eyes an hands of those who serve them.

If you are interested in either participating in one of these runs, have your group do a sock, hoodie or backpack drive or make toiletry bags please contact Marianne Sheridan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would be happy to do o presentation for your group and to help you organize your own run. 
Thank you for all you are doing in your youth groups to encourage our young people to be aware of the needs of others.