Janitorial Supplies Program with American Paper & Supply Company Announcement

American Paper & Supplu Company

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What’s New About APSCo’s Offering
Network Services (http://www.NSConline.com), which is an international chain of suppliers that APSCo belongs to, has recently been award a national contract to be the janitorial/maintenance supply service arm for National IPA(http://www.NATIONALipa.org). National IPA is a national purchasing cooperative which incorporates the purchasing power of all 50 states to be able to offer an unmatched level of competitive pricing all while still being serviced through “local/regional” suppliers such as APSCo. National IPA primarily services governmental agencies (state, county, city, municipalities) and non-profits. This most current National IPA contract is valid through July 2020 and will enable APSCo to provide pricing…for the same quality products you would expect to purchase…at levels not achievable prior to this recent award.

We hope that you will allow us to conduct a site visit/audit so as to discuss some cost-saving thoughts and then to develop a proposal that will enable you to purchase quality products at price level that will enable you to stay within budget so that you can achieve “the best of all worlds”.


  • American Paper and Supply Company (APSCo) is a full-line distributor carrying thousands of products from paper towels, toilet tissue, to plastic bags, mops, buckets, waste receptacles, entrance matting, ice melting compounds and virtually any type of cleaning equipment needed (burnishers, wet/dry vacs, auto-scrubbers, carpet extractors)…at every price-point.
  • APSCo will provide the Diocese of Rockville Centre with aggressive preferred pricing on the most frequently ordered (Top 150) maintenance/janitorial supply items. APSCo pricing will utilize the purchasing power of the National IPA national cooperative agreement referenced under “What’s new…”.
  • APSCo has provided specific email addresses/contact info for various members of their customer service team, to provide assistance in responding to any of your questions or to place orders:customerDRVC@APSjansan.com.
  • Orders will be delivered in 2-3 business days and upon request every reasonable effort will be made to deliver next-day if necessary.
  • First and foremost doing business with APSCo means that you will receive the exceptional pricing that could only be achieved by leveraging our significant purchasing power. But the advantages don’t end with terrific pricing because you will also receive outstanding service and customer support. Additionally, if you have any “cleaning related issues” that have been nagging you and would like some guidance we can help…just let us know.
  • Training of cleaning personnel is offered free of charge for customers buying those products from us for which the training is requested. Training can include: restroom care, classroom, office cleaning, carpet, hard floor, cleaning for healthcare etc. Certificate programs for such training can also be provided.
  • We simply ask that you allow us to set up an appointment with the business manager and/or maintenance manager of the facility. After that we will meet with you to determine what supplies you currently purchase and with that information we will develop a cross-comparison sheet, with prices, for you to determine if our costs (for the total “bundle of goods purchased” not just one item) match up favorably to what you’ve been paying.
  • Dedicated key Account Manager and Customer Service rep to ensure all your ordering and service-related issues are addressed in a timely manner and that all necessary parties are “in the loop”.
  • No charge restroom dispenser programs available…including installation. This can be a great way to provide a new look/upgrade the washrooms while spending virtually nothing to do so.
  • Use of our state-of-the-art online ordering platform is strongly encouraged. Beyond the ability to place orders online it also enables the user to access: prior invoices, POD’s, open invoice summary, account statements, MSDS/SDS, item search info etc.

How to place an order?

  • To start we’ll make a visit to your location to better understand your specific needs (delivery specifics, how often you’d like to see a salesperson, how you are accustomed to placing orders etc.), from this we will establish an account for you. After this we will discuss whether you’d prefer to enter orders via telephone, fax or online. If you’d like to place your orders online (which we strongly recommend for all of the other information that you can also access once you log into our website) we’ll show you the demonstration onsite to explain how easy it is to place an order 24hrs/day, 7days/week. Also, if online ordering is chosen, we will establish a customized online shopping list which displays only those items that your specific facility regularly purchases…this will make placing the order that much quicker.

New Account Promotion

  • A credit will be created in the amount equal to the size of the initial order (up to $500) for each new DRVC entity who begins doing business with APSCo. The credit can then be used at a rate of up to $100/mo as long as the minimum $350 order size (for free delivery) is entered. The credit will be valid for 6 months from date of the opening order.