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Title Date Listing Attachment(s)
Bishop Andrzej’s Easter Reflection May 16, 2022  Promotional Flyer
Beatification of Society for the Propagation of the Faith foundress, Pauline Jaricot
May 15, 2022  Promotional Flyer
Camp Quo Vadis 2022 May 14, 2022  Promotional Flyer
United in prayer & fasting for the Dobbs Supreme Court Case October 22 – June 22
May 13, 2022  More Information
Flyer – English | Spanish
Diaconate Evenings of Discernment Sessions May 4, 2022  Downloadable Flyer
Golden Wedding Anniversary Masses Mar 22, 2022  Downloadable File
SYNOD Zoom Calls with +Andrzej Mar 14, 2022  Downloadable File
Liturgical Minister Training – Spring 2022 Mar 18, 2022 Downloadable File