Department of Education

The Department of Education participates in the mission of the church by promoting and fostering excellence in Catholic school education. In a particular way, the Department fulfills its purpose by affirming and supporting all members of the educational community, empowering them to witness to the Gospel and rendering service with compassion. For more information, visit:

For Catholic Elementary Schools, visit:
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Name Position Email Phone
Denise Smith Interim Superintendent 516-678-5800 Ext. 845
Emily Guarnieri Director of Educational Technology 516-678-5800 Ext. 804
Maureen Hannan Finance Administrator – Elementary Schools 516-678-5800 Ext. 825
Rosemarie Spano Receptionist 516-678-5800 Ext. 800
Teressa Graziose Senior Secretary 516-678-5800 Ext. 819
Barbara Huber Senior Secretary 516-678-5800 Ext. 854
Vincent Vizzo Assistant Superintendent 516-678-5800 Ext. 846
Jeannette Boursiquot Charles Assistant Superintendent 516-678-5800 Ext. 877
Brian Colomba Assistant Superintendent 516-678-5800 Ext. 850
Teresa Austin Dir. Catholic Identity & Mission 516-678-5800 Ext. 813