The Church Bulletin Inc. Announces Agreement with DRVC

Download the: The Church Bulletin Inc, Master Listing of DRVC Parishes

The Church Bulletin Inc. (West Babylon, NY) is proud to announce that  it has provided special pricing (see attached Rate Card) to parishes within the  Diocese of Rockville Centre (the Diocese) for the printing of  parish bulletins.

Presently, there are over 50 parishes within the Diocese that currently use Church Bulletin’s services for their respective parish bulletins. Please see the attached master listing.  Church Bulletin offers a variety of different sizes, formats and revenue sharing programs.  Among the available products are standard, single color, four page bulletins up to multiple-page two and four color bulletins. Church Bulletin is also able to work with each parish to determine the bulletin program that works best for its individual needs.

Contact information for The Church Bulletin is as follows:
George Keenan, president at 631-249-4994  or Maureen Keenan at 631-249-4994. 

The Church Bulletin Proposed Rate Card

Every bulletin produced by The Church Bulletin includes these standard features: Two color front cover format, custom designed for the parish. Personalized representative available to speak to directly concerning your bulletin. High quality offset or digital printing for the best possible quality reproductions of type, artwork and photographs. Local supplier guarantees delivery. We have served Long Island uninterrupted since 1893. Local Parish Representative to solicit advertising in a professional and courteous manner.

Bulletin Sample Size Advertisements Potential Revenue Sharing

Bulletin Sample Size: Advertisements Potential Revenue Sharing
1000 copies/4 page Bulletin   
3 pages for parish content
1- (80 unit min) Ad Page Up to $12,000 per year
1000 copies/6 page Bulletin     
5 pages for parish content
1 -(80 unit min) Ad Page Up to $10,000 per year
1000 copies/8 page Bulletin   
6 pages for parish content
2 – (80 unit min) Ad Pages Up to $25,000 per year
1000 copies/16 page bulletin       
14 pages for parish content
2 – (80 unit min) Ad Pages Up to $20,000 per year