Mission Statement: It is the role of the Diocesan Tribunal to hear the cases of those who are divorced and who are petitioning the Church to make judgment on the possible invalidity of their marriage, due to some impediment, inadequate consent or the inability to fulfill the duties of the married state. The Tribunal makes every effort to carry out its pastoral ministry in this process.

Annulments in the Catholic Church: General Information Regarding Annulments in the Catholic Church

Diocesan Tribunal Office

Diocese of Rockville Centre
P.O. Box 9023
Rockville Centre, New York 11571-9023

Phone: 516-678-5800 ext. 564
Fax: 516-594-1548

Name Position Email Phone
Rev. Msgr. Robert O. Morrissey, M.Div., J.C.D Judicial Vicar 516-678-5800 Ext. 565
Rev. Thomas V. Arnao, M.Div., J.C.D. Adjutant Judicial Vicars 516-678-5800 Ext. 569
Rev. Lee Descoteaux, M.A., D.Min, J.C.L 516-678-5800 Ext. 568
Dcn. Thomas B. Rich, M.A., D.Min, J.C.L  Diocesan Judge 516-678-5800 Ext. 559
Rev. Irinel Racos, J.U.D. Defenders of the Bond   516-678-5800 Ext. 583
Rev. Msgr. Richard Bauhoff, M.Div., J.C.D     516-678-5800 Ext. 583
Rev. Irinel Racos, J.U.D. Promotor of Justice   516-678-5800 Ext. 583
Mrs. Carol Gatz Senior Secretary 516-678-5800 Ext. 564
Mrs. Carol McCarthy Secretary 516-678-5800 Ext. 570
Lucille Vetrano Senior Secretary 516-678-5800 Ext. 554
Thomas P. Demaria Ph.D. Medical Experts    
Sr. Thomas More-Fahey, Psy.D.      
Msr. Lorraine Anisansel Dr. Robert Mangione Mrs. Linda Reich
Deacon Richard Becker Rev. James Mannion Rev. Robert Romeo
Ms. Terri Blakeney Msgr. James McDonald Ms. Carmen Roncal
Ms. Marian Bopp Deacon James McQuade Deacon Neil Squitieri
Rev. William Breslawski Ms. Ann Messina Deacon John Sullivan
Deacon Francisco Cales Rev. Joseph Mirro Sr. Patricia Turley
Rev. Msgr. Thomas Costa Deacon Charles Muscarnera Ms. Julie Van Nostrand
Rev. Lawrence Duncklee Deacon Monford Naylor Rev. Michael Vetrano
Mr. William Dwyer Rev. Christopher Nowak Rev. Kenneth Zach
Deacon Thomas Evrard Deacon John O’Connor Sr. Ellen Zak
Rev. Thomas Haggerty Deacon Thomas O’Connor  
Dr. Joanne Heaney-Hunter Ms. Eileen Phillips  
Mr. Richard Huminski Mr. John Reali  
Rev. Walter F. Kedjierski Deacon George Reich