W.B. Mason

Diocese of Rockville Centre and W.B. Mason Program

We have been working to identify an office supplier capable of reducing current office supply costs, while still maintaining a high level of service.  As a result of their extremely aggressive pricing program and their local resources, W.B. Mason has established themselves as the best overall solution for the Diocese of Rockville Centre. We are confident that the W.B. Mason program will provide a significant cost reduction to parishes and schools while simultaneously establishing a high level of personalized service.

W.B Mason recently opened a local distribution and call center in Hauppauge, NY to better service their Long Island customers. W.B. Mason specializes in office supplies, printing, and furniture, in addition to providing the following wide range of products to their customers: school supplies, computer supplies, business machines, copier and toner supplies, coffee and beverage services, janitorial supplies, printing, and promotional supplies. 

Beginning November 2, 2009 the W.B. Mason program will commence.

In addition to the program roll out (date to be determined), W.B. Mason has dedicated a team of local Account Executives responsible for assisting in a transitioning process in order to utilize W.B. Mason as a primary supplier of Office Products and School Supplies.

W.B. Mason Account Executives are well trained in all areas of the business and will be available to help in the following areas:

  • Accessibility-All Account Executives are local and dedicated to providing themselves as a unique personalized resource.  In your area and available everyday for a site visit if needed, Account Executives have as their main goal ensuring that WB Mason is providing the highest level of customer service.
  • Account Maintenance-To ensure that each location is properly set-up with the same contract pricing, billing, and Next Day delivery
  • Ordering-Whether it be via phone, fax, or internet, your Account Executive will be able to assist you in the steps to take to place an order with W.B. Mason
  • eProcurement-Online training and transition management are provided on-site free of charge to make certain that all involved employees are well trained and comfortable in ordering through W.B. Mason’s online website
  • Customer Service-The dedicated Account Executive team is supported by a local, dedicated staff of Customer Service Representatives, located in Hauppauge, who are available to process orders and answer questions.

As part of the savings program, W.B. Mason has provided the DRVC with preferred pricing on the most frequently ordered office and school supply items (see below). In addition, W.B. Mason has created a dedicated email address to help field any of your questions or to place orders: customerDRVC@wbmason.com.

Once again, the success of this program is based on using buying power to reduce current supply costs while improving service levels. We have attached a portion of W.B. Mason’s preferred pricing package for you to review.

W.B. Mason is committed to providing us with aggressive pricing and the resources necessary to make the program successful.  We are excited to work with you and W.B. Mason on this new business initiative and are confident that the new business arrangement will serve to benefit all of us moving forward.

Please call me to establish your account information or if you have any questions about the program or product offering.

Key Contact Info: 

Joseph Bonomo|Sales Representative

(p) 516-808-3776
(Customer Service) 1-888-926-2766 ext 2
(e) Joseph.Bonomo@wbmason.com 

W.B. Mason Company|90 Nicon Court|Hauppauge, NY 11788